Update on life…

Hi everyone! I’m finding it hard to think of things to blog at the moment…or to even have the time to write them. Here is just a boring update on life while I think of something interesting to write about!

BIG NEWS! My boyfriend got a job! A real proper actual job that isn’t in a shop or anything. He is getting an actual graduate salary rather than minimum wage. I’m so happy for him! But also slightly annoyed that he got a worse degree than me yet managed to get a decent job before me. His first day is tomorrow, while i’m upping my work times to 4 days a week. Unfortunately, the lights in the shop I work in have been giving me major headaches and all the machines cause the air to be very dry which is making my skin peel off…I need a new job as soon as possible!

Next Saturday will be our 2 year anniversary! Yay! We will probably celebrate by acknowledging it in the morning before I go to work.

“Hey, it’s our 2 year anniversary”

“Oh yeah, cool”

“Yup, cool”

“Ok, see ya”

And finally, I discovered that the new much anticipated film “The Fault in Our Stars” seems to be a rip off of Cantonese film “Funeral March”, but with teenagers instead of adults. The TFIOS book was published in 2012 whereas the Funeral March was released back in 2001! Suspicious!!! No one else seems to have realised this so I feel the need to tell everyone. It’s a revelation!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ItBvH5J6ss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qyy9za93k4U

Part of me wants to read the book or watch the film, but most of me thinks there is no way in hell I will manage to cope with something that depressing. Whenever something horrible and upsetting happens to a couple on TV, in films or in books, I imagine it happening to my boyfriend and I…which is why I’m reading Divergent instead! (Yes, I know what happens in the end but i’m going to just have to deal with it!)

5 thoughts on “Update on life…

  1. congratulations to your boyfriend 🙂 I’m pretty sure soon you will get something good too! if that makes you feel better – my husband has 2 degrees, californian engineering license and still earns little bit more than people working in McDonald’s here. That’s really sad, but we’re not a citizens. Hope you will have a great anniversary, I see your boyfriend has that ‘Hong Kong-style romance’ inside him 😀

  2. Congrats! That’s wonderful.

    My husband starting working 5 weeks ago (he’s busy all the time – it’s kind of surreal).
    I LOVED The Fault in Our Stars book. I would love to check out the other one. I’m starting to wonder if there is original thought – since a lot of books overlap~

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