I’m back! (with Moon cake!)

I am back from a trip to my boyfriend’s parents house. I didn’t see much of them – we were quite busy seeing friends from Hong Kong. We went ice skating, bowling, to the cinema, to the park, to the shopping centre and high street shops, to a Chinese buffet, to several restaurants and to cake shops. I’m so tired now! I also managed to practise my Cantonese with them. (I kept saying Chest Cat…more on that later)

While I was there, I tried some moon cake.┬áThis is basically very delayed, as you’ve all blogged about moon cakes already, but it was my first time trying it so I feel the need to post! My boyfriend stocked up on lots of Chinese noodles from the Chinese supermarket, as we have no idea where one is near where we are living now, and while we were there we saw the moon cakes being sold off and he decided to buy one for me to try.



Can anyone tell me what the characters on the moon cake and packaging mean?

It looks so pretty…but me being me, I didn’t like it. I can see why people do like it though. The lotus seed paste wasn’t as horrific as I’d first though. It tasted quite nutty. The egg yolk inside it however was pretty nasty. You don’t need that! After a few bites, I decided I’d had enough and my boyfriend downed the whole thing in about 2 bites.


My friend from Hong Kong told me that the Haagen Dazs shops do a chocolate ice cream version of a moon cake…I want one! Though I guess I’ll never get one if it means having to go to Hong Kong in September – I couldn’t stand the weather! So that’s another piece of Chinese cuisine I don’t like. I’ll keep searching for something I do like though and you’ll definitely all know about it when I find it!

Anyway, just a short post.┬áLots of you want the rest of the story of how I met my boyfriend. I’ll get to writing that and post it over the next week. Stay tuned!