It’s been a year…

…so where the hell did I go?

I expect a few of you have been wondering where I went. No, I haven’t ditched my boyfriend and am now dating a white guy. My boyfriend and I moved to the South of England, got jobs and very recently rented our first flat together. I got busy and I ran out of ideas for the blog, but most significantly, i’d ran myself into a bit of a hole…

“AMWFCouple” – it’s in the name, a focus on the fact we are a mixed race couple. When I started this blog we were about 1 year into our relationship, we’d beenΒ learning about how to be in a relationship and moved on to really getting to know each other. At this point, I was discovering a lot about his culture and background and I found it genuinely very interesting, therefore I had lots to write about, share and discover.

A year on, I came to the conclusion that while I find his culture fascinating, he doesn’t care much about it. He has fully embraced moving to the UK and being British, and that is what he is before being Asian – he is British. He is the same as anyone else here except with a slightly weird accent and an excessive love of noodles. I didn’t want to write purely about being a mixed race couple any more because that isn’t who we are – we are so much more.

The difference between my blog and a lot of other AMWF blog also seemed to be location. The majority of women in AMWF moved to their respective Asian country – if I had done that, I’m sure I’d have so much more to write about. Those are the blogs I find truly interesting.

I’m considering creating a new blog now I have more time and ideas, focusing more on our general lives and our passion for travel. I don’t expect it to be as popular as this, I see it more as a diary for us to look back over in the future. It’s like a new step in our relationship – just over 3 years together now and I can only see it getting better for us!

I’m sorry for blanking everyone completely, and I can’t remember the passwords to any of my AMWFCouple emails, but i’ll try to come on here occasionally just in case anyone wants to chat for any reason. I loved talking to you all and I still enjoy reading a lot of your blogs. Cheers guys! πŸ™‚

14 thoughts on “It’s been a year…

  1. I fully understand. I live in Australia & my partner is from Singapore. English is main language there & its very westernised so it was more a change of lifestyle in general. Even if I moved to Singapore the differences aren’t really much different at all.

    • I’m not even sure I could cope with the cultural differences between HK and the UK even though HK is quite “British”. But I think that made it easy for my boyfriend to get used to British culture, and he prefers being here and being a Brit!

      The main issue for me would be the weather if I moved to Hong Kong, but I guess that wouldn’t matter going from Singapore to Australia! It’s all too hot for me! πŸ˜€

  2. Actually… in my humble opinion, this is a healthy development! πŸ˜‰

    I actually find this whole AMWF thing a bit odd. Sure technically it has been my reality for most of my adult life.. and at 45, you can imagine that’s not a short time. πŸ˜‰ However as a factor in a relationship dynamic it fells well down the list of things that are actually important.

    So kudos to you for going beyond this element alone and do provide another update once you decide what / if you want to do for a future blog! πŸ™‚

    • I think these things are important at the start, because it’s a way of respecting each others cultures, but it’s very unimportant further on!

      I also think the fact that i’ve moved back to the South of England where I don’t get any comments any more has helped me. Back in the North hearing some random shouting “OMG a chinky with a white girl!” was a regular occurrence and it made me feel self conscience even though I know it shouldn’t. And this blog and all the other bloggers made me feel better about everything. Now i’ve reached the point where I couldn’t care less what people think πŸ™‚

      Thanks! I will keep you posted πŸ˜€

  3. So it’s been another year now… What’s been happening with you guys? πŸ™‚ OMG, so much has happened — Brexit! I hear reports that in the aftermath of the referendum there has been an uptick in hostility against foreigners and foreign-looking people, so I wonder whether that has affected your relationship in anyway.

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