New blog

I have a new blog.  It’s not much like this one (it’s wedding/travel related) but if anyone is interested,  feel free to email me at and I’ll send you a link. Or who knows, we might meet again on the new blog regardless. 🙂

Thanks everyone!


It’s been a year…

…so where the hell did I go?

I expect a few of you have been wondering where I went. No, I haven’t ditched my boyfriend and am now dating a white guy. My boyfriend and I moved to the South of England, got jobs and very recently rented our first flat together. I got busy and I ran out of ideas for the blog, but most significantly, i’d ran myself into a bit of a hole…

“AMWFCouple” – it’s in the name, a focus on the fact we are a mixed race couple. When I started this blog we were about 1 year into our relationship, we’d been learning about how to be in a relationship and moved on to really getting to know each other. At this point, I was discovering a lot about his culture and background and I found it genuinely very interesting, therefore I had lots to write about, share and discover.

A year on, I came to the conclusion that while I find his culture fascinating, he doesn’t care much about it. He has fully embraced moving to the UK and being British, and that is what he is before being Asian – he is British. He is the same as anyone else here except with a slightly weird accent and an excessive love of noodles. I didn’t want to write purely about being a mixed race couple any more because that isn’t who we are – we are so much more.

The difference between my blog and a lot of other AMWF blog also seemed to be location. The majority of women in AMWF moved to their respective Asian country – if I had done that, I’m sure I’d have so much more to write about. Those are the blogs I find truly interesting.

I’m considering creating a new blog now I have more time and ideas, focusing more on our general lives and our passion for travel. I don’t expect it to be as popular as this, I see it more as a diary for us to look back over in the future. It’s like a new step in our relationship – just over 3 years together now and I can only see it getting better for us!

I’m sorry for blanking everyone completely, and I can’t remember the passwords to any of my AMWFCouple emails, but i’ll try to come on here occasionally just in case anyone wants to chat for any reason. I loved talking to you all and I still enjoy reading a lot of your blogs. Cheers guys! 🙂

The 30 Day Challenge – Week 4

The final part a little late, I’ve been busy (I got a job!) and forgot about it! Feel free to take part yourself. The questions are here.

Day 24 – Your favourite movie and what it’s about.

I love the Princess Bride. It’s a romance, a comedy and a fantasy film. Here is a summary of the plot, stolen from IMBD.

When a young boy falls ill, his grandfather pops round to visit him. To cheer his grandson up, Grandpa has brought a storybook; The Princess Bride, a tale of the love between the beautiful Buttercup and the besotted Westley, a love cruelly interrupted by Westley’s tragic apparent death at sea when seeking his fortune. Heartbroken, Buttercup has sworn never to love again, but accepts the marriage proposal of the rich and handsome Prince Humperdinck, heir to the throne of Florin; but death is no barrier to true love, and in a story filled with exotically-accented swordsmen, big-hearted giants, genius kidnappers, sadistic torturers, vile swamps, Rodents of Unusual Size, the Dread Pirate Roberts and a somewhat embittered miracle worker, the love between Westley and Buttercup twists and turns on a path filled with adventure. Will the True Love of Westley and Buttercup win the day? Will Inigo Montaya find the six-fingered man who murdered his father? Will Humperdinck’s evil plans come to fruition? And, more importantly, will Grandpa be able to tell the story without any of the yucky kissing?

Day 25 – Someone who fascinates you and why.

Derren Brown fascinates me. If you don’t know him, he is a British Illusionist. He says that what he does is dishonest, but he is very honest about his dishonesty. He has done things like make someone believe the apocalypse had come, he guessed the numbers to the lottery live, he went to America to debunk people who say they are psychic or that they can “talk to the dead” and he even got someone to “murder” Stephen Fry (with a fake gun). He is just so clever. To top things off, he is a fantastic artist as well. Just wow. If you get a chance, take a look at some of his shows.




Day 26 – What kind of person attracts you.

Attractive people…

Nah, personality is what attracts me. I rarely have initial attraction to anyone. I have to get to know them first.

Day 27 – A problem that you have had.

My friend has gone crazy and thinks we can’t be friends because I have a boyfriend and she doesn’t…that’s annoying me a fair bit. I’m sure she’ll get over it… 😛

Day 28 – Something that you miss.

I miss university life. It was amazing. Cherish time at university because you’ll really miss it when it’s over!

Day 29 – Goals for the next 30 days.

I don’t really have any. Not a lot of ambition in the next month for me!

Day 30 – Your highs and lows of this month.

Highs = I got a job, I get to spend lots of time with my boyfriend now he lives with me at my parents house, I’ll be graduating soon.

Lows = I have to go to work now! 😉

The end!

You can read Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 here.

No sex please, we’re Japanese

My boyfriend and I have started watching some of the BBCs “This World” programmes that have been on recently, presented by Anita Rani.

The first was on BBC Two called, No sex please, we’re Japanese.

The show essentially was about the lack of people in Japan having children. There are now far more older people in Japan, to the extent that nappies for the elderly are outselling babies nappies. They showed a town which once had 21 primary schools, and now has just 1. The town had to close their maternity ward because there was no one having babies at all. The people said that the town had nothing to attract younger people, but also the birth rate is dropping very dramatically in Japan in general.

They started looking into the reasons as to why the birth rate is dropping. The reasons included culture, distractions, the economy and immigration.

Japan is so different from the rest of the world. Anime and manga, for example, is created not just for the younger generation but for the older ones too. One guy on the show was married, but he had a virtual girlfriend on a game called Love Plus for his Nintendo DS. He considered this his actual girlfriend and didn’t want to tell his wife about it. These men were called Otaku – geeks who are obsessed with anime and manga and tune out of the real world to live in a fantasy. It’s a common thing in Japan. A place in Tokyo called Akihabara (I want to go!) is full of anime and manga to please these sorts of people. They said that with entertainment and distraction like that, why would you want a complicated relationship?


The state of the economy means that men in Japan have confidence issues, believing they will never amount to a lot and never make any more money than their parents did. They therefore want to revert to a childlike state of computer games and a virtual world to make them feel more comfortable. It is easier to deal with the virtual world than a real woman.

Other reasons for the dropping birth rates included that there are a lot of immigration rules in Japan making it harder for people from other cultures to come over, keeping the culture very traditional. In Japan men often think that women should stay at home, have children and be a housewife, whereas the women want a career. If you have children in Japan, in many ways it can end your career. Basically they were saying that if they were more interracial relationships, maybe there would be a population boost!

One survey said that just 27% of couples in Japan said they had sex every week. I’m not sure if it is just me…but that’s really not a lot is it!? Why do you guys think the birth rate in Japan is dropping?

You can read a more in-depth article by Anita Rani here. It focuses on the part of the show about men preferring anime and manga to real life women. Those in the UK can watch a clip of the two men with virtual girlfriends.

The 30 Day Challenge (with a twist)

I recently found this 30 Day Challenge on Tumblr and I wanted to do it…but I didn’t want to spam you all with 30 days worth of constant blog posts! So instead I will do this challenge everyday, but I will post the answers only once a week. I will answer 8 questions this week, 8 questions next week, 7 questions for the 3rd week then 7 questions for the final week.

So here are my first set of answers!

Day 01 – Your current relationship, if single discuss how single life is.

My current relationship, as you probably all guessed, is with my Asian boyfriend from Hong Kong. He will soon be living with me at my parents house (he is now living with me, I wrote this before he was) while we look for good jobs so that we can rent a flat together. He is my best friend, my first boyfriend and hopefully my last boyfriend.


Ughh, I’m becoming cutesy and pathetic. I hate myself.

Day 02 – Where you’d like to be in 10 years.

Married and thinking about having children! Notice that I didn’t say “Married with children”. I don’t want to have children really late in life but I don’t want them early either. I want as much fun as I can before settling down.

Day 03 – Your views on drugs and alcohol.

Drugs are bad, I think people who take drugs are just a bit stupid or easily led. Alcohol is fine in small amounts but I don’t like it. If you’ve read my previous blogs about my eating habits, you will know that I don’t like food. The same applies to drinks. I don’t really like vodka and I don’t like anything fizzy.

Day 04 – Your views on religion.

I’m not religious. I definitely believe we evolved from monkeys and Earth was created by the big bang. However, I don’t NOT believe in God…I just find it very unlikely that he exists. I would need complete proof. If he comes down and has a chat with me i’ll be more than happy to believe in him. I talk about God with Christianity in my mind, as that is the main religion of the UK (if you don’t include atheists/agnostics as a religion). There are so many religions, so who is to say which is the right one? Someone (or everyone) has to be wrong. Sadly, I think religion is the cause of a lot of problems in the world. I’m more than happy for people to be religious and believe what they want, as long as they don’t feel the need to force their views on other people.

Also, to be topical:

Gay marriage = fine.

Forcing churches to marry gay people when they don’t want to = not fine.

Being selfish and wanting a church wedding when you clearly aren’t religious isn’t really fair on the religious people, and the fact gay people can now get married AND have a civil partnership means they have more rights than the rest of us. Everyone should be allowed to get married (e.g scrap civil partnerships) and churches should be allowed to choose who they marry . There is nothing wrong with a registry office! That’s where i’ll be getting married one day.

Day 05 – A time you thought about ending your own life.

I have NEVER thought of ending my own life.

If anyone reading this ever has a suicidal thought…just don’t even bother. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and even if you don’t think so, you have so much to live for. It will always get better!

Day 06 – Write 30 interesting facts about yourself.

God…that’s a lot of facts. I can’t promise these will be interesting! Blonde-anime-waving-for-blog

1. I’m a girl.
2. I’m 22.
3. My hair is blonde.
4. My eyes are blue.
5. I’m not girly.
6. I’m from England.
7. I live in the countryside.
8. My boyfriend is Asian.
9. I’ve been to Hong Kong and I loved it.
10. I have been to 8 different countries if you include England.
11. My favourite colour is blue…or maybe red.
12. My favourite animal is a rabbit.
13. My favourite book is Harry Potter (all of them!).
14. My favourite food is chocolate.
15. I love Studio Ghibli.
16. My best friend is obsessed with anime and manga thanks to me.
17. My best friend forced me cosplay once and now I really enjoy it.
18. I hate swearing.
19. I have far too many cuddly toys.
20. I was probably the only person in my halls of residence to bother buying a TV license.
21. I love the beach but I’m not very good at swimming.
22. I like late night walks with my boyfriend.
23. I’m really unsociable.
24. I don’t have many friends but the ones I do are really great friends.
25. I wish I could get a job working with animals but I know there is no money in that.
26. I need to learn to drive.
27. I think being British is the best nationality. Actually something like Swiss is probably better…
28. I stay up far too late writing blog posts.
29. I’m mostly English but i’m also a little bit Welsh and a little bit Irish.
30. I’m a little bit weird.

Day 07 – Your zodiac sign and if you think it fits your personality.

I am Leo. My zodiac element is fire and my ruling planet is the sun. (Why do I hate hot weather then?) According to the internet Leo’s are confident (in most ways yes, in social situations no), ambitious (not especially), generous (it’s not often I share cake), loyal (I am), encouraging (I’m not good at being overly nice to people but I do try to encourage them), pretentious (hmm, not really), domineering (occasionally), melodramatic (i’m not dramatic at all), stubborn (I admit I am pretty stubborn) and vain (I’m the least vain person ever, I’ve only worn make up about 6 times in my whole life…)

If we’re talking about the Chinese zodiac, I am a sheep or goat. One of the most boring zodiac animal in my opinion! Apparently Sheep people are elegant (not really but thanks), charming (I have my moments), artistic (very!), gifted (I don’t want to brag but…;)), fond of nature (I love wildlife and animals!), insecure (I don’t think i’m insecure at all), shy (I am shy), dreamers (I love to dream), worriers (not really, i’m quite laid back), lazy (YES), obsessed with appearance (no, no, no), romantic (I wish I was), sweet (I am), bossy (yes), creative (yes) and caring (yes).

I also found this on the internet…so apparently I would be a good prostitute and I’m going to have an affair? >_<

Sheep women dream of marriage with a rich man, an affair with a generous boyfriend, or a liaison with some influential patron. Failing this, she will be happy living at home with wealthy parents. She is the stuff of which are made courtesans, prostitutes, management consultants, public relations officers and other parasites. She is also the stuff of which great artists and writers are made. Everything depends on her luck and the influences at work in her life.

Day 08 – A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.


I’m generally satisfied. My life is great. I’m extremely lucky that my family all like each other, my parents aren’t divorced and we have never had any money problems. The only bad times have been family deaths. I’m easily pleased and I have everything I could ever want (except a pony and a swimming pool) so why would I be dissatisfied?

If anyone else decides to take part, please tell me! I’d love to read!


(p.s I’m off to my boyfriend’s parents house tomorrow so I might not be online for several days!)

English names in Hong Kong

Sticking with the subject of names after my post about how I think my boyfriend’s name may be affecting his ability to get a job interview, I’ve been thinking about the English names people from Hong Kong give to their children. People in Hong Kong generally have a Chinese and an English name, due to the fact Hong Kong used to be owned by the UK. The reason that this has interested me is because of how strange some of the names are.

My boyfriend has a pretty uncommon name. I think it’s more popular in America, but i’ve never heard of anyone with his name in the UK. His brother and his parents have extremely old fashioned names, to the point where I am sure only 90 year olds would be called the same. It’s also common to find people with names you would never hear in the UK (unless the baby belonged to a celebrity); things like Angel, Apple, Coco and Bunny (and these are some of the more normal ones!)

You only have to look at some Hong Kong celebrities to see the strange names they come up with. (I don’t know who most of these people are or why they are famous, i’ve just been googling names)

There are old fashioned names such as:

  • Ada Choi
  • Winston Chu
  • Herman Li
  • Josephine Koo
  • Stanley Kwan
  • Raymond Kwok
  • Walter Kwok
  • Betty Loh
  • Kenneth Tsang
  • Elsie Leung
  • Albert Chan
  • Neville Poy

There are also names that are random words such as:

  • Fruit Chan (Food)
  • Hilton Cheong-Leen (Hotel)
  • York Chow (UK City)
  • Butterfly Hu (Insect)
  • Athena Chu (Goddess)
  • King Hu (Nobility)
  • Ringo Lam Leng-tung (Member of the Beatles)
  • Hacken Lee (Football team)
  • Gigi Leung (Film)
  • Race Wong (Sporting event)
  • Run Run Shaw (Action)
  • Teddy Wong (Cuddly toy)
  • Griffin Yue Feng (Mythical Creature)
  • Ekin Cheng (River)
  • Oxide Pang Chun (Chemical Compound)

…and of course…

  • Jet Li (Aeroplane)

3 (1)Jet may be an uncommon name, but it definitely makes him sound tougher.

It’s not just the celebrities making up names. You can see some more interesting names in this blog post by HK Girl Talk. The people of Hong Kong are not crazy though! There are reasons that they give their children names like these.

One reason is that the people of Hong Kong want to be unique. It’s very unlikely you would find more than one person in the world called “Steel Tong” and for them, this is a good thing. It’s also much more memorable than “Dave Smith” and in this competitive country, you need to stand out. In the UK however, a name like this probably wouldn’t have a positive effect.

Another reason is that some people do not 100% understand English names. In Hong Kong, Chinese names have a meaning – for example the name “Li Yong” means brave, so they may think that naming their child “Pretty” or “Strong” is a normal think, though of course it isn’t. It’s just a cultural difference that doesn’t translate. This also can refer to the old fashioned names – it’s not surprising that people in Hong Kong might not know which English names are currently popular.

I’ve always disliked strange names. I don’t think you should force something like that on a child. I can only see it as a selfish act and it can make their lives very hard! This is coming from a UK point of view though. A child in the UK would get horrifically bullied if they were called “Fish”, but maybe that wouldn’t happen in Hong Kong and maybe it really will help them get further in life when they are older. Not everyone has an odd name, but it is the norm rather than a rarity. If the reason for the strange names is because the parents don’t understand how English names work, however, I think that’s kind of endearing. (I still feel very sorry for the children though!)

What are your thoughts? Do you know any Asians with an “interesting” English name?