Lantau Island

We woke up early today to head to the Ngong Ping 360 cable cars and the Tian Tan Buddah on Lantau Island. My boyfriend struggled to speak Cantonese to the woman selling the tickets, so she ended up talking in English to us. I think my boyfriend was just a bit rusty, because he seemed to do a lot better later in the holiday. He got 10% off the ticket for being a Hong Kong citizen (bit jealous). There were two types of cable cars we could have taken; a crystal cabin with a see through floor or a standard cabin. The waiting time for a crystal cabin was 40 minutes, so we decided to go on the standard one (next time we’ll go on the crystal one!)

P1140926Our view from the cable car

It took about 20 minutes on the cable car to get to the top. We went over the sea and a huge forest on the hillside. We also got a good view of the airport. Half way up, you could see the huge Buddha that we were heading towards in the distance, really showing it’s size! There were lots of shops when we reached the top which we walked through on the way to the Buddha. It really felt like traditional China which is something I really wanted to see coming to Hong Kong. It’s interesting to see this side of the Hong Kong culture, even if it is still very touristy.

P1140959Walking through the shops towards the Buddha

P1140947The Tian Tan Buddha

P1140962The entrance to the Buddha

I’m not sure if we’re just very unfit but the walk up the steep stairs to the Big Buddha was a lot of effort. We had to keep stopping and pretending to take photos to have a break! It was a fairly warm day which made the climb even harder. Apparently there are 240 steps. Once we reached the top we got an amazing view of the Buddha, it really was huge! Apparently it can even be seen from Macau on a clear day. There was also an amazing view of the mountains, which really reminded me of Japanese landscapes in old paintings. Underneath the Buddha was was a room full of name plates of people, I assume Buddhists, who had died.

P1140980Climbing the steps


Statues presenting offerings to the Buddha

P1150003The mountain in the clouds

P1140990A close up of the Buddha

We headed back down. There were loads of stray dogs around (at least I assume they were stray) sleeping in the sun and begging for food. They were very cute but I felt sorry for them too. We then walked to the Po Lin Monastery which had lots more Buddha statues which I actually found a bit creepy. Lot’s of people were burning incense sticks, because they believe that the Gods consume the smoke. It’s a shame that they were doing building work on the monastery because it looked very spectacular, and very Chinese. We went back to the shops and had a look around, getting some ice cream on the way as it was so warm. We also found some Gashapon machines which we went a bit crazy over. I think by then end of the trip we had spent about £20 on them, mostly buying little pokemon figures. We took the cable car back down and in the shop at the exit, my boyfriend bought me a cute little panda toy which I have named Buddha Panda. It’s basically a cuddly panda with a Chinese style shirt!

P1140963Stray dogs sunbathing

P1150037The Po Lin Monestery

P1150038A fantastic view

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11 thoughts on “Lantau Island

  1. next time try by mini-buses, if you need my husband can find you which bus to take – instead of a long line to cable car you have buses down there, some of them go to Lantau and it’s so much fun! 🙂
    about discounts – next time go to Ocean Park on his birthday – he goes for free and you pay only 50% of price, that’s a real discount 😀

    • That’s not nearly as much fun though! The views from the cable cars are amazing 😀

      I wish I could but his birthday is in August >_< No way I'm going then! I need to find someone from Hong Kong with a birthday in December 😀

  2. Brings back gooood memories, although I was too scared to take the cable-car…. >.<
    Now I regret it, but next time I go to HK I will definitely do that, looking at your photos, it looks pretty awesome haha .. 😀

  3. Great pictures. We were planning to go here during our trip to Hong Kong but we ran out of time. Sounds like it was for the better, I could never have climbed the 240 steps in the hot and humid weather. Will save this for a trip to Hong Kong in the winter time!

    • I walked up the Eiffel Tower in 40 degree heat (Summer 2012, massive heat wave) and that was horrible. I can only imagine walking up the Buddah steps in that humidity would be 1000 times worse 😛 Best you do save it for the winter! 🙂

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