“Your children are going to be Asian”

It’s far too early to think about this (if my boyfriend is reading, don’t get any ideas) but I do wonder…what will my kids look like? My friends like to tell me i’m going to have Asian children…but that’s clearly not true, I’m not Asian. They’ll be half Asian and half white. They may however look more Asian than white, and that does make me wonder just how different they will look from me.

So what colour will their hair and eyes be? In my head I always assumed they would be blonde, but that is unlikely to happen now thanks to my boyfriend’s genes (unless I leave my boyfriend or they dye it). To explain why, it’s time for a (very simplified) lesson in genetics – the only thing I managed to remember from GCSE Science.

Everyone has 2 genes relating to hair/eye colour. There are two types of gene (in my simplified version); B and b. If we just focus on hair colour then:

B = Brown/Black hair

b  = Blonde hair

You will get one gene from your Mum and one from you Dad.

B is dominant, meaning if you get a B gene from a parent, you will have brown hair.

b is recessive, meaning while you may not have blonde hair, your child could.

I have bb genes as I have blonde hair. My boyfriend has BB genes as he is Asian – pretty much all Asians will be BB.


The graph above shows my genes, bb, and my boyfriends genes, BB, and what will happen if our child gets one gene from each of us. As you can see, the only result is Bb. As B is dominant over b, this means our children will have black/brown hair. The same works for eye colour. Brown eyes are dominant over blue.

In my situation, however, the children would become carriers of the blonde hair gene, meaning there is a possibility of blonde haired Grandchilden (thinking way too far ahead now!!!)

Of course there are always exceptions, but the chances of anything other than a dark haired, brown eyed child are about 0.1%. I never did like science…

So that is how colour comes about, but what about the facial features?

123Interracial family

From the majority of the photos I have found, it seems that the half Asian/half Caucasian children have quite large eyes but slanted like an Asian. The nose, mouth and facial shape seems to vary between mother, father or a mix of the mother and father. They also seem to have fair, Caucasian skin and a Caucasian facial shape. The general view of Asian/Caucasian mixed race people is that they are very attractive!

Of course it is different for everyone and the degree as to which a person looks like one race or the other can change. Looking at celebrities as an example, Keanu Reeves, Ne-Yo and KT Tunstall are a quarter Chinese, and Kristin Kreuk and Eddie Van Halen are half Chinese. It’s not always obvious!


Smallville actress Kristin Kreuk is half Chinese 

I found this website called MorphThing. You can put in a photo of yourself to see what your baby would look like if you had one with various different celebrities that they have loaded onto the site. You could also put in your own photo, so I decided to try it with photos of me and my boyfriend. This is the result.

Baby-of-1011758-10151726711273112-679102593-n-jpg-and-577780-10151368082033112-1602619126-n-jpg (1)

Kinda scary! (Probably should have found a photo without glasses too). I decided to put in photos of my Mum and Dad to see what the baby looked like, and the boy and girl version didn’t look a thing like either myself or my brother, so I’m fairly sure my child will not look this this!

So in conclusion, I’m probably going to have a little Caucasian child with Asian eyes and brown hair. But it’s far too early to be thinking about that anyway!

…I wonder what names would be good…

Images: itsxandy.tumblr.com, weloveinterracial.tumblr.com, morphthing.com

79 thoughts on ““Your children are going to be Asian”

  1. actually if you check children of AMWF relationships like son of bruce lee or alexa chung when they grow up they look white, not asian, on the other hand WMAF have more Asian than white ‘features’. of course there’s no 100% guarantee, but usually it ends up with dark hair and eyes but face, nose shape etc. is more white than asian. i hope my child will look more WMAF than AMWF 😀 I think most of white children are just ugly – please people, don’t kill me 😀 let me try to see how my child might look like 😀

    • Yes, I saw that AMWF were more white but I didn’t realise WMAF were more Asian looking! It’s very interesting 😛

      I want a blonde baby >_< It's not going to happen is it… 😛

      • There seems to be lots of white women out there who suffer from cognitive dissonance. They value their own white beauty and they fantasize about their daughters looking like the white Disney princesses, but then they go and date interracially and have non-white looking, mixed children. It’s as if they can’t put two and two together. White women, if you date interracially, your children won’t look convincingly white and European. Even if they come out with some white features, like blonde hair or light eyes, they still won’t look fully white; they will simply look like blacks or Asians with blonde wigs and coloured contacts. There are many nuanced differences in the facial features and hair and body proportions between Asians, blacks and whites. It will take a lot more than blonde hair to make a half-Asian child look fully white. Asians oddly have very flat jawlines.

  2. I’m 100% white, light hair, blue eyes,super pale. My dh is 100% Filipino, dark hair, eyes and skin. We have a 4 month old baby boy whose skin tone is between us, like coffee with a lot of cream. He has most of his daddy’s facial structure: nose, lips, slanty Asian eyes 🙂 but his eyes are bright blue and his hair is light brown, almost blonde. Now granted his eyes may change but usually if they’re going to change it would have happened by now…and they’re not just “baby blue” they’re very light blue like mine. Genetics are interesting.

    • Wow, your other half might have some white genes in his family line somewhere far back. 🙂 Or maybe his eyes will change, I know my Dad had blue eyes and blonde hair as a baby but now his eyes are hair are both very dark brown.

      I would actually really love a blonde baby when I get round to having one (not for a loooong loooooong time!) but I’m not sure it will happen.

      • It will not happen. Your child will not be blonde and it will not be white. Mixed race children will never look convincingly white, never mind Nordic. Even if your Asian child comes out with blonde hair by some fluke, it will just look like an Asian with a blonde wig as opposed to a true Nordic white.

    • Looks like I’m 2 years late… He can’t have his dads “asian eyes” and have blue eyes at the same time. What you think is “asian eyes” is normal for a baby as the epicanthic fold would soon disappear. Same thing for the nose it will grow out during puberty. Light blue eyes will stay cause babies have dark blue eyes not light.

      • Late to this, but I’m white (dark hair & hazel eyes) with a vietnamese hubby). My 3 children all have their dad’s (asian) eye shape, with my (european) colouring. My oldest son has green eyes which are slanted like his dad’s, he’s 11 so I doubt they will change shape now. My youngest has grey eyes and dark blonde hair. All three of my kids look very similar.

      • I will later post it, but it’s terrible 😀 you like blond children? my mother in law would love you, to keep her entertain and not get into our business we downloaded her movies with little blond babies and she’s like ‘awww BB’ 😀 I really don’t like white children, maybe because im upset since i was really super-cute child and when i grow up it changed haha 🙂 where did you find this app?

      • Hahaha 🙂 I only like blonde children because I am blonde and it would be like a small version of me!

        I can’t remember where I found it. Might have been a link from facebook.

      • You won’t get a small version of you, sorry. If you want that you need to have a child with a white man. Mixed race children will never look convincingly white, never mind Nordic. Even if by some fluke they have blonde hair, they still won’t look white. They’ll just look like blacks/Asians with blonde wigs.

    • Faye! My Eu husband has same features as you (dark hair and hazel eyes), while I am Filipino (dark hair, dark brown eyes, not too light but not too dark skin). I am now pregnant and wondering what are the chances our baby will have any of our feature. I feel kinda excited to know that there is a chance he/she could have different eye color.

  3. Hmmm, this is not quite true. My dad employed a white woman for his restaurant and she was married to a Chinese guy – their daughter is dirty blonde, tanned skin (like her dad) with slanted blue eyes, their son has jet black hair, pale white skin (like mum), large brown eyes but a flat nose (like dad).

    However I think its these reservations which is primarily why asian male-white female combos are more rare than the ultra common white male-asian female…. because white women want their kids to look blonde, large eyes – and asian women want their kids to look blonde, large eyes etc.

    • This most likely means the Chinese guy had a blonde gene from far back in his blood line. Genes aren’t really as simple as what I’ve written but from my point of view with my boyfriend (and with almost everyone with 100% Chinese heritage), the chances are 99% black/brown hair. He has only had Chinese and Persian people in his family so I’m sure there will be no blonde kids for me! The chances are just far too slim.

      You might be right about that in some cases. It’s an sad thing for people to be concerned about – i’m sure a lot of girls aren’t that vain though! I think interracial children are amazingly cute and I bet a lot of other girls think that too! To be honest, I always that I imagined having a blonde child rather than I really want one. I don’t actually care what my kids will look like as long as they are happy!

      • I know the basic theory as you mentioned, but I just find it incredible (and hard to believe) that there are Chinese people who have blonde genes in them for what must have been centuries, laying dormant before the rare occurrence of having kids with someone blonde (or also a blonde carrier) “activates” them.

        It also doesn’t describe accurately hair colour – if the gene theory was right, wouldn’t a pure black haired person and a pure blonde haired person’s kids be pure black haired? Whereas with a lot (halfish?) mixed couples I see it is usually a blend i.e. dark blonde to brunette.

      • Like I said, it’s very basic science and the general idea is correct, though it is of course more complex in practise. Nevertheless, it’s 99% accurate and therefore good enough for 15 year old GCSE students, which is as far as I ever went with science! Notice how I wrote black/brown too. We were taught for brown and blonde hair because past that it gets more complicated. You also have to take into account that kids generally have lighter hair which darkens as they get older. My hair looked bleached white when I was about 3 and my boyfriend used to have brown hair.

        I was basically describing my own situation, not that of everyone else, and in my situation i’m convinced the chances are too slim for me to have a blonde child. I’m not a scientist, this post wasn’t designed to teach people about genetics, just to tell you what my kids could look like! 😛

      • Well I just gotta say that Asian genes are not that strong meaning that if one parent is blonde there are chances of one of the kids being blonde too even though it’s a rare occurrence.

  4. My late husband was Chinese; I’m Caucasian (blue eyes, dark blond hair). Our three daughters are (I think) very good looking. Asians think they look more American; white Americans see the Chinese influence more. All three girls have the same color of dark brown hair and brown eyes. Their eyes, however, are varied: medium brown, greenish brown and golden brown.

    I also have grandchildren. My granddaughter has reddish-blond hair and green eyes. Her eyes slant upwards, so she looks a little Russian. She’s studying Mandarin, spent a few weeks in Shanghai. No one there could believe she had a Chinese grandpa. Both of my grandsons have dark brown hair. One has brown eyes; the other, blue.

    In general, I think Eurasian children are very good looking.

    • One thing I wonder, did your children have any issues with the fact they weren’t considered white by Whites or Asian by Asians? I can imagine a lot of people wouldn’t really care but maybe for some they feel like they don’t fit in anywhere.

      Your genes must have got through to your grandchildren. Eurasian children definitely seem very good looking. In fact, I think a lot of mixed race children are. It’s like they always get the most attractive bits of both races.

      Then again if the parents look like me and my boyfriend, attractiveness is not guaranteed 😉

      • I don’t think my children had any problem at all. The people who were commenting on who they looked more like were generally talking to me or my husband. My girls have always been very confident. It may have helped that they grew up in an international school, but when we moved back to the US, again, race was never an issue. It also may have helped that they were excellent students and had other skills in music and sports.

      • “In fact, I think a lot of mixed race children are. It’s like they always get the most attractive bits of both races.” – this is absolute nonsense and race mixing propaganda that you have bought into. Mixed race children can be extremely ugly. Look at pictures of Jordan Peele, the film director. He is not attractive by any stretch of the imagination.

        I will concede that a half white and half Asian child will definitely look better than a pure Asian, but they will never look as good as a beautiful and pure white. Google images of Katheryn Winnick and Sabina Gadecki. A half Asian child will never look like them.

  5. My bother’s friend is half Chinese. His mother is from Austria. He looks Asian to me even though his skin is lighter than mine. My cousin is full Chinese and is born in Hong Kong and her skin looks white. But, you are right though, genetics is complicated. Good thing I stop majoring in biology in College. I will be lost. By the way most mix children are happy about who they are. Just check this website out. http://hapavoice.com/

  6. I think for most parents, their kids will look beautiful no matter their hair or eye color/shape (many Chinese parents will actually say their kid is “ugly”, but it’s kind of modest to say so rather than meant as an insult to their kid). I do think babies can look cute no matter their ethnicity/heritage. Since character does reflect in a kid’s looks, I think that’s the most important thing once they grow a bit older.
    Your looks will never be reflected 50% in your child – science can only go so far. A friend of mine has dark hair and blue eyes (his mother is originally from HK, his father from Switzerland).
    Btw., your kids’ appearance might also change while growing up. Eg., your child might look more European as a child and more Asian as a grown up. Even if you’re not mixed, your appearance might change while growing up – I had blonde curly hair when I was little, but it has changed to brown and almost straight hair now (my oldest sister even thought I do dye my hair because she remembered it to be a fairer color than it is now).

    • Yeah, I think it would be rare for a parent to not think they have one of the most beautiful babies! (I think babies are all weird looking right now but I know my mind would change if I had my own)

      I had white hair when I was little, now it’s dirty blonde. I also know my Dad had blonde hair and now it is very dark brown. I think you just can’t guess what they’ll end up looking like!

  7. I am an asian and my hubby has blond hair and blue eyes. We had three kids and they are all different. My oldest girl looks like me with bigger eyes (but shaped like mine). Brown straight hair medium dark brown eyes. Very pretty. My middle girl looks like a cross between me and my husband but over all, looks like an asian girl. Very dark brown eyes ( i have light brown eyes) that almost looks black. And curly brown hair. My hubby doesn’t even have curly hair. Very round and big almond shaped eyes. Very tall nose. And My youngest son … He is a carbon copy of my husband. He was born with blue eyes and curly blonde hair. Big nose. His eyes changed it’s color around 7 month or so into greenish hazel brown. He is three now and his hair color also darkened into light brown color. But he still does not look anything like me nor any asian features show. When i go get my nails done at the asian owned salon, all the technicians ask me if he is mine and how come he doesn’t look like me. lol

    So there! It really doesn’t matter what you or your partner looks like, we ended up with curly haired kids. It’s from his father’s mother’s father…i hear.

  8. I am Caucasian (red hair and blue eyes) and my husband is Asian (half Chinese, half Filipino). Our daughter just turned a yr. old. The whole time I was pregnant I was picturing a baby that resembled my husband. I thought it would be impossible for her to have red hair. I had been told that red hair is a double recessive gene and everyone in my husband’s family has black hair and dark eyes.

    Well, my daughter was born with blonde hair and blue eyes! Within the first month her hair turned red. At four months her eyes turned dark brown, but her hair is still a pretty red/auburn color. She has large eyes that slant at the corners and long, black eyelashes. She’s very cute.

    You may be surprised. 🙂

      • Anonymous, my son-in-law is Puerto Rican, black hair, dk. brown eyes. My half-Chinese daughter has dk. brown hair and light brown eyes. And yet, my grandson who is 5 years old, has blue eyes. I’m the only blue-eyed grandparent, but the other grandmother had ancestors from France who had blue eyes. Sometimes you have to go back to great-grandparents. Your husband may have had a red-haired Spanish ancestor. I don’t know how these things happen, because you’re right, black hair and brown eyes are supposed to be dominant. I guess we’ll have to ask someone with a doctorate in genetics.

  9. I’m asian and my man is caucasian. We’re having a kid soon and I’m really curious what they will end up looking like. My niece is also mixed, and she has dark brown hair and eyes. I met recently, a toddler halfie (AFWM) with almost blonde hair and blue eyes.

    From what I’ve read and seen, the simplistic 2-gene dominant/recessive model is so flawed I can’t believe they still teach it at school. Most hair/eye/skin colours simply come from the amount of melanin in each of those features. Basically, multiple genes determine how much of this chemical you produce. The more you produce – the darker your hair/eye/skin becomes, and typically, this will be somewhere between your mother and father.

    • I’m suspicious most of what they taught me in Science at school was so simplified…my Grandparents both had brown hair and my Mum and Auntie are blonde (though they could both have Bb genes) but some of the colours that appear with some families must be from generations back. I’m just crossing my fingers that my blondeness is strong enough ;D

  10. If you are blond, do not even imagine having child mixed with Asian: poor child. It is like mixing green with orange: the child will be extremely unattractive and repulsive. It will look like him but weird. I seen children like that suffer so badly. I am never sure what selfishness went though the parents head to create children that will be ridiculed and suffer their entire life. They are ugly.

    • Too bad. I’m married to a Asian man and our son is beautiful. He’s half white and half Asian. You’re the one that is extremely unattractive ugly and repulsive. And yes I’m blonde but who cares.

      • Holly, you have thrown away the opportunity to create more blonde white children like yourself and instead you have contributed directly to white extinction. I hope you are proud of yourself. Thanks for wiping out your own race in the name of progressiveness. The white race sure doesn’t need enemies when there are whites like you around who destroy their own kind. We are only 8% of the global population currently and thanks to people like you, we will be less than 1% within a few decades. I hope you are happy that you’ve helped to destroy the white race that took a hundred thousand years to evolve its distinct and distinguishing aesthetic. Would it really have been so hard for you to have just stuck to dating white men?

  11. My first impression after reading fifthelementco was that he was joking. I know many blonds married to Asians, and their children are all beautiful, especially if the parents are reasonably good looking.

    • Joking or trolling. Mixing two races together doesn’t make anyone more or less attractive! I agree a lot of mixed blonde/Asians seem to have very beautiful children.

      • People always say that children are beautiful, so that observation is worthless. The point is that they are not fully white and if race mixing like this becomes more common, the white race will go extinct. Mixed race children will never look convincingly white, even if they have blondish hair and light eyes. No mixed race child can ever look like Amy Adams, Sabina Gadecki, Katheryn Winnick, Heather Morris and Elizabeth Hurley. Do you really support a future where distinct whites have gone extinct and all we have in the world are pure Asians, pure blacks, pure Arabs, pure Indians and then mixed people with some white futures? Why can’t we have some pure whites too?

  12. My boyfriend is half Asian (father) / half Caucasian (mother) and he has blue Caucasian eyes, pale skin, freckles, but black Asian hair, Asian nose and full Asian lips. Very atractive combination – soo, you will see! :))

  13. I just happened on this post and I held the same beliefs as you did about genes until fairly recently, but what we were taught in school is wrong.

    I’m in an AMWF relationship and thought our children would have black hair and brown eyes. My father is from an extremely rural part of Taiwan and my mother is from northern Vietnam and we have some ancestral information that makes previous mixing highly unlikely. But, when my son was born I was extremely surprised to see him with extremely light brown, almost blond hair.

    I started to look into the genetics of hair color and eye color after seeing my son’s hair color and have found that most of what we are taught in class is entirely wrong.

    This is an excerpt from a journal article entitled Genetic Heterogeneity of Variation in Skin/Hair/Eye Pigmentation

    Iris color was one of the first human traits used in investigating mendelian inheritance in humans. Davenport and Davenport (1907) outlined what was long taught in schools as a beginner’s guide to genetics, that brown eye color is always dominant to blue, with 2 blue-eyed parents always producing a blue-eyed child, never one with brown eyes. As with many physical traits, the simplistic model does not convey the fact that eye color is inherited as a polygenic, not as a monogenic, trait (Sturm and Frudakis, 2004). The early view that blue is a simple recessive has been repeatedly shown to be wrong by observation of brown-eyed offspring of 2 blue-eyed parents. My monozygotic twin brother and I, brown-eyed, had blue-eyed parents and blue-eyed sibs (VAM). Blue-eyed offspring from 2 brown-eyed parents is a more frequent finding.

    There are other articles like this regarding hair color, but the gyst of them is that hair color and other features are polygenic and not determined by one gene. If you just look around, you will find a non-trivial amount of half-Asian, half white children with extremely light brown or reddish hair. My son is at a daycare that has a large amount of mixed children and some have the light brown hair my son does and not the expected black hair. I used to think all these children who had lighter hair had both parents who weren’t full Asian, but I now realize I was wrong about that.

    • Another thing to think about is also if hair color was so easily reducible to one or two genes with strict dominance, recessive characteristics, in reality there would only be like 16 hair colors expressed out in the world, but in reality there is an extreme variance out there with many gradients of red, brown, blonde, and black that indicate multiple genes at work.

    • This is very interesting – thanks for the info! I always believed my daughter, who is half Japanese and half mixed European should have dark brown hair and eyes, like her Japanese father. I have red hair and green eyes and she is a true mixture with brown hair with auburn highlights and hazel eyes! I always believed what I was taught in school but it is so obviously wrong. Thank you for the other links!

  14. I’m half asian/caucasian and the only caucasian things on the outside is my nose,facial shape and large eyes with slanted sides. My skin is dark, my hair is straight and thick and everything else is asian.

    • You never know what they are going to look like. I have three kids and they all look different. Especially my youngest child. He ended up with curly dirty blond hair with hazel eyes. His eyes were actually brown but getting lighter as he grows. He is 5 now. I look like a nanny. Lol

  15. My baby is a quarter Chinese. I am Caucasian with Brown hair and brown eyes. My boyfriend is half Chinese with sandy hair and brown eyes. Baby has blonde hair and blue eyes 😳

  16. Our 4 day old son is half white half Asian. Noah has blue eyes like me and brown skin like his dad. I’m blonde with blue eyes and pale white skin while Connor is dark with brown eyes and skin and black hair. I’m Scottish and he’s Chinese. He’s beautiful.

  17. Came across your post while googling the exact same thing. I’m half Thai and have had two children. My first born was born with brown hair and brown eyes while my second was born with blond and green/grey eyes (eyes just like her father) I always assumed with both me and my partner having dark hair that both our children will be brown haired and brown eyed. Both however have the large shapes almond eyes.

    Amazing what genes can do!

  18. “My friends like to tell me i’m going to have Asian children…”

    This sounds like your friends are indirectly, gently trying to persuade you not to have kids with your bf. Being asian is looked down upon, and so for a white woman to have asian kids is to be seen as a downgrade in society. Therefore it’s actually a subtle hint from your friends that you’re making a mistake, but said in such a PC way so as to not cause offence/friendship breakups.

      • Do the right thing and have children with a white man, so that your children will have your features. You don’t want to contribute to white extinction, do you? You don’t want to contribute to a future where there are no more distinct, non-mixed white women like Katheryn Winnick and Sabina Gadecki left on this earth, do you? Please, I beg you, have white children. Whites are only 8% of the global population and an even smaller percentage are pale blondes with blue eyes and slender, Nordic features like you. Please don’t contribute to white extinction. Our white race evolved its distinguishing beauty over a hundred thousand years and now progressive white women like you want to throw it away in one century of mixing.

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  20. If you would like to Specify eye colour and Hair colour like Hitler, use genetic engineering. Just don’t make them a Red Head. They will grow up with no Friends. Also, Blondes are more susceptible to skin cancer.

  21. I am Filipino, dark brown curly hair and brown eyes with fair/tan skin. My husband is Norwegian. My son was born with medium blonde hair and brown eyes and fair and my daughter was born with white blonde hair and green eyes. My son’s hair is brown and his eyes are brown and my daughter is still really blonde. They are both really tall like their dad. Genes are weird but it is possible to have a blonde 1/2 filipina/o child.

  22. My baby is half Vietnamese amd half Caucasian but looks more like me than his dad blonde hair blue eyes and no facial features of a Asian

  23. you’re really thinking this through. why? my white mother never put together an entire analysis on genetics when she married my asian father. are you going to analyze the genetics and appearance of your child, too? and put the idea in their heads that they’re two halves of something instead of one whole person? please stop normifying racial categories. all kids look different from their parents – you’re not going to recreate anybody; it’s not cloning. it’s parenting: a new, different individual who is not you. this entire post is just weird and shallow as hell.

  24. I am white and my daughter’s mother is 100% Korean. So my daughter is 50% white & 50% Korean. She asked me if she married a white guy, would their kids be 50% Korean or would they be 25% Korean?

  25. Jay, theoretically her children would be 25% Korean, but it doesn’t always work out that way. My sister and I did our DNA on Ancestry.com, and our results came out more different from each other than I would have expected. Her Scotch-Irish ancestry was about 50% as it should have been. Mine was only 16%.

    My daughter’s DNA, on the other hand, came out close to 50% Chinese with a little Mongolian and SE Asian, just as would be expected. (My husband was Chinese.) And her daughter came out about 25% Chinese, as would be expected. It doesn’t always work out that way. There’s a lot of variation.

  26. Katherine Gushcina, which we could all say is clearly racist, is like a cancer to this forum. Everyone writing, and simply reading this forum is excited to know what their future babies will look like, and happy they will be a mixture of their spouses race. But she is on here spouting nonsense that will make people want to watch their children a little closer when they go to the park. I know this post is late, but I hope she reads this so she knows she can’t post things like this and not get called out.

  27. It’s funny because people like Katherine Guschcina (clearly a male troll) constantly whine about a non-existant white genocide and are so racist. But these male trolls have Asian wives and half-asian children too who look more Asian (since children take after the mom if she is Asian than if the dad were from Asia).

    So strange they have this double standard.

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